The minimum setbacks for residential plots as per MPD-2021 are as under:

S.No. Plot size (in sq.m.) Minimum Setbacks ( in metre)
FrontRearSide(1) Side(2)
1Below 100 0000
2Above 100 and up to 250 3300
3Above 250 and up to 5003330
4Above 500 and up to 2000 6633
5. Above 2000 and up to 10000 9966
6Above 10000151599

1.As per MCD public notice published in the Hindustan Times, New Delhi edition dated

2. As per notification no. K-12016/5/79-DDIIA/VA/IB date 15.05.1995 issued by Ministry of Urban
Affairs & Employment.

(a) In case the permissible coverage is not achieved with the above mentioned setbacks in a plot,
the setbacks of the preceding category may be allowed.

(b) The charges to be paid for betterment levy/additional FAR charges and penalty/compounding
charges/special compounding charges as per DDA notification dated 20.11.2006 are mentioned

S.No. PurposeA&B Colonies
to 50 Sqm.
C&D Colonies
plots of more
Colonies in
plots up
E, F&G
Regularization of unauthorized constructions
(a)Additional coverage
within sanctioned height
(b) Additional coverage
above sanctioned but
within permissible
height (as per 23.7.1998)
(c) Additional coverage
beyond permissible
height as per 23.7.1998
but within 15 meters.
4900/- 1960/-980/-686/