Subject to the general terms and conditions specified in para 15.4, professional activity is permissible in
plotted development and group housing under the following specific conditions:

  • 1. Professional activities shall mean those activities involving services based on professional
    skills namely Doctor, Lawyer, Architect, and Chartered Accountant, Company secretary, Cost
    and Works Accountant, Engineer, Town Planner, Media professionals and Documentary Film
    maker, Management Professionals* 3 [and Dietician/ Nutritionists.]
  • 2. In group housing, and plotted development with multiple dwelling units, professional
    activity shall be permitted on any floor subject to maximum of 50% of the permissible or
    sanctioned FAR, whichever is less, of each dwelling unit.
  • 3. In the case of plotted development with single dwelling unit, professional activity shall be
    permissible on any one floor only, but restricted to less than 50% of the permissible or
    sanctioned FAR whichever is less on that plot.
  • 4. [Professional activity in basements is permissible in plotted development, subject to
    relevant provisions of Building Bye-Laws, structural safety norms and fire safety clearance.
    In case, the use of basement for professional activity leads to exceeding the permissible FAR
    on the plot, such FAR in excess shall be used subject to payment of appropriate charges
    prescribed with the approval of Government.]