The enhanced permissible maximum Ground coverage and FAR as per MPD-2021 are as under:
A. Residential plot- plotted housing Maximum ground coverage, FAR, number of dwelling units for
different size of residential plots shall be as per the following table:-

S. No.Area of the Plot
(sq. mt.)
Maximum Ground
FARNumber of permissible dwelling
units permitted by Hon’ble
Supreme vide order dated
1.Below 3290*3503
2.Above 32 to 5090*3503
3.Above 50 to 10090*3504
4.Above 100 to 25075**300**4
5.Above 250 to 750752256
6.Above 750 to 1000501509
Above 1000 to 1500401209
8.Above 1500 to 22504012012
9.Above 2250 to 30004012015
10.Above 3000 to 37504012018
11Above 37504012021


1.The Local Body concerned shall be competent to disregard variation up to 2% in plot size,
arising from conversion of area from sq. yard to sqm. and to grant the norms applicable to
the lower category of plot size in accordance to Para (ii) below

2. *100% ground coverage shall be eligible for regularization of construction, already existing
as on 22.09.06 on payment of charges as notified.

3. Minimum size of the residential plot shall be 32 sqm. However, in case of Government
sponsored economically weaker section schemes, size could be reduced further.

4. **100% ground coverage and 350 FAR shall be eligible for regularization of construction
already existing as on 22.09.06 on payment of charges as per the notification, in respect plot
size between 100 to 175 sqm.

5. Permissible FAR and dwelling units shall not be less than MPD – 2001.